Free Will and Relationships

I have a big bone to pick with love spells.

⠀The kind of love spells that make people fall in with people through magic intervention. ⠀

The love spells that bring exes back. ⠀

The love spells that create relationships built on lies. 

That kind of love spell work. ⠀

⠀Not because they don’t work. You go to someone with unfuckwithable spellwork and that shit will happen. ⠀

⠀I have a problem with love spells, specifically love bindings because I have a problem forcing someone to feel something that they don’t feel naturally anymore is taking away their free will.

⠀It’s not real love. That’s not a love story. There is no emotion behind it other than a desperate need to control someone instead of dealing with reality. ⠀

⠀People who want love spells aren’t still in love. They’re afraid of losing someone that has become a security blanket and having to go through uncomfortable feelings. That’s not love. That’s insecurity. ⠀

⠀People who are the targets of love spells aren’t in love. They’re obeying a magical order, being forced to behave a certain way because they won’t behave that way on their own. That’s not love. That’s a form of slavery and domination. ⠀

⠀When people ask me if I do love work, I say “absolutely”. I will absolutely help a person love themselves. I will absolutely help a person learn how to create space for love in all forms to come into their lives. I will never ever EVER contribute to any spells or rituals that fuck with a person’s free will. When you try to keep things that aren’t meant for you, you prevent what 𝙞𝙨 for you from being able to come to you. There simply isn’t room. ⠀

⠀If you want love spells, I will recommend several practitioners that I know are 100% able to give you what you ask for. I don’t judge people who do it and I don’t judge people who ask for it. I completely understand why people want them. I get it.

But I won’t do it for you myself, and ideally, people would be so emotionally healthy and evolved that love spell work will be totally irrelevant.

The Witch

I’ve been psychic all of my life (spoiler alert: we all are) and I learned to read Tarot at my former mother-in-law’s knee in 2009 after years of begging her to teach me. I haven’t looked back since. 

I read intuitively and craft each reading to help my clients grow; no one walks away from my readings without knowing what they should do next for their highest good. I cut through the bull. You won’t hear what you want from your reading, you’ll hear exactly what you need to know most right this very second.




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