Unpolished Caribbean Larimar

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Found ONLY in the Dominican Republic, Larimar is a rare, very expensive stone created by undersea volcanic activity, yet is not a glass silicate like Obsidians.

Larimar is velvety in texture, and very very soft with a MOH of between 4.5 and 5, so it is easily scratched and cracked. It is very difficult to tumble without damaging it and very hard to cut and polish for cabachons.

Larimar has the beauty to match its high maintenance specifications, making it a true diva in the stone world. It’s striking patterns of blue, green and white resemble the light dancing through clear Carribean waters onto white sand under water. Larimar is water safe, obviously salt-water safe, but should be kept away from extreme heat and chemicals.

Larimar has high but gentle energy and connects with the throat energy centers, empowering one to speak their peace and power clearly. It has the calming vibration of the sea on a clear, peaceful day. Larimar is excellent for people with hot tempers and anxiety with its cooling, soothing energy.