Intuitively Selected Rainbow Obsidian Mini Spheres

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Location: Mexico, California, Oregon

MOHs:  5-6

Rainbow Obsidian is only found in one mine in Mexico, 3 mines in California and 2 mines in Oregon.  it is created by different layers of volcanic silicate hardening in layers which creates the stunning colored bands Rainbow Obsidian is famous for.  It looks black until it hits the light and then colors appear.

Rainbow Obsidian is a grounding stone, like all the Obsidians, and it has extra benefits no other Obsidian has. Rainbow Obsidian is amazing for grief and heart healing.  It can highlight the things inside of us that desperately need  our attention., and allow us to turn within safely to address our wounded inner children. Rainbow Obsidian definitely has the  “softest” energy of all the Obsidians in my opinion.

These mini spheres are 100mm and 80-90mm. I will intuitively select one for you based on your size preference.