Psychic Ritual Oil

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I been waiting for this one. Hit it! 

Psychic is a powerhouse. Point blank. Periodt. I said what I said. I made her for myself first and foremost to help me develop and flex my own psychic abilities & awareness. She’s got Mugwort. If you know you know. Butterfly Blue Pea Flower for psychic awareness. Blue Cornflower for psychic defense. Jasmine for power. Angel Aura Quartz is the crystal version of nuclear power plant, basically. Quartz is pure energy. Oh and the carrier oil is pure Evening Primrose Oil; I meant for this oil to be applied topically to your third eye so you know I had to go for the good skin oils. 

I prayed over this baby regularly. I consecrated her. I charged her with my big ass Moldavite & Quartz singing bowl DAILY for 8 weeks. And I made her smell like Patchouli because Patchouli performs CPR and rehab on all the body’s energy centers. Yea those OG hippies knew their shit. 

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