Money Ritual Oil

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My powerhouse oil with the same deep, musky, sensual blend that I am obsessed with; Black Amber & Orchid.  Cinquefoil, aka Five Finger Grass, is arguably the most powerful money drawing herb, periodt. No cap. This baby is loaded with it. ⠀

Jezebel Root is a favorite money herb for sex workers as it brings wealthy benefactors, clients, submissives, sugar daddies and sugar mommies to the yard. Bay Leaf KEEPS them in your yard. Chamomile is a money herb too, it’s a pretty strong wild card herb. It sort of does a little bit of everything but I chose it for Money because of it’s relaxing and protective qualities. Cloves and Orange Carnations for luck, protection of your bag, and money drawing. Citrine, Peridot, and shredded $100 bills infuse the whole blend with, what else; money money money.

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How To Use Oils  

All oils are 100% natural and cosmetic grade, and the micas are cosmetic grade as well. That being said, please only use externally and do not consume. Suggested uses:  

  • Anoint your hair and skin; massage into skin like lotion to draw money to you without trying. 
  • Put a few drops into baths to create a spiritual bath that bathes your aura in the vibes of abundance. 
  • Put a few drops into laundry detergent to infuse your clothing with the vibes of opulence and prosperity. 
  • Anoint crystals like Citrine, Golden Fluorite, Golden Laboradorite, Peridot and Golden Rutile Quartz to boost the energy of abundance.  
  • Dress candles for use in money manifestation rituals.  
  • Add to lotions, conditioners, moisturizers.