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Heaux is a powerhouse oil blend for all forms of love and prosperity. Heaux will have you feeling yourself so hard you’ll never settle for anything less than what you deserve again. Pink and red Rose buds and red Rose petals for both slow and spicy romance, Hibiscus for womb healing and tapping into your inner sex goddess, Jezebel Root for power and control over rich *ahem* “benefactors”. 

100% soy free carrier oil, with Rose and Jasmine absolute. Not that cheap perfumey imitation rose scent. This is like shoving your nose right into a live Rose. With Jasmine, it’s a rich smooth sexy blend. Morganite chipstones infuse the oil even more with unconditional steady love. 

Heaux will turn fuckboys into husbands, and hoes into housewives and CEOs. 

Please select your mica preference.

How To Use Oils  

All oils are 100% natural and cosmetic grade, and the micas are cosmetic grade as well. That being said, please only use externally and do not consume. Suggested uses:  

  • Anoint your hair and skin; massage into skin like lotion.
  • Put a few drops into baths to create a spiritual bath. 
  • Put a few drops into laundry detergent to infuse your clothing with the vibes.
  • Anoint crystals.
  • Dress candles. 
  • Add to lotions, conditioners, moisturizers. 


Product Information

  • 1oz capacity
  • Pink gradient glass bottle 
  • Glass dropper with white & gold top


  • Jezebel Root (Orris root) has been used traditionally in many cultures under many different names as a way to attract love and lust in equal measure. Orris root also attracts wealthy benefactors and is perfect for SWs.
  • Hibiscus petals are known to provide womb and sacral healing, and as an attractant for love of all kinds; self and romantic.
  • Rose buds are traditionally used to call love, passion, trust, and sex magic.
  • Soy-free carrier oils (Sweet Almond and Jojoba)

Essential Oils

  • Rose absolute
  • Jasmine absolute
  • Lavender


  • Morganite the stone of unconditional love. Love yourself without limitations or conditions.

Optional Mica

  • Cosmetic grade pink and gold mica powders
  • Does not stain