Alche-Mist Ritual Spray

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Love the idea of oils but not sure how to use them? Want something lighter? These mists are for you. 

Each oil flavor can be easily made into an energetic Alche-mist spray without carrier oils and micas. The base is witch hazel and I use the same chipstones and essential oils as the oil versions:

Armor for protection

Chill for relaxation

Money for, well, money

Heaux for love in all forms

Mercury Rx to protect against the ill effects of Mercury Retrograde 

Droch shuil for protection from the evil eye.

How To Use Sprays

All sprays are for external use only. Do not spray in or near eyes or mouth. Shake well before using. Suggested uses:  

  • Spray where you can't burn incense or herbs to set the energy.
  • Use to cleanse crystals and metaphysical tools. 
  • Mist your hair to energize your crown.
  • Use whenever you need an energetic pick me up.