Evil Eye Kit


The Evil Eye is known around the world as a universal thing to avoid. It’s why witches and spiritual workers have the saying “move in silence”. It means keep your work to yourself, tell no one until after it’s finished and can’t be meddled with by bad vibes or haters.

I wanted to create a special protection oil blend for us all as we move into 2021 based on the most ancient of magical concepts; defense against the Evil Eye. This oil is chock-full of protection herbs and will be free of mica or colorants.

Each kit comes with the following;

  • 2oz glass bottle with glass dropper
  • small glass evil eye bead
  • small glass evil eye amulet
  • 1 blue chime candle

Available December 21st

10 in stock (can be backordered)


How To Use Oils

All oils are 100% natural and cosmetic grade. That being said, please only use externally and do not consume. Suggested uses:

  • Anoint your hair and skin; massage into skin like lotion. 
  • Put a few drops into baths to create a spiritual bath that covers you in protection.
  • Put a few drops into laundry detergent to infuse your clothing with the vibes of spiritual protection from shade on the streets.
  • Anoint crystals like Black Tourmaline, Septarian, Tiger Eye and Shungite to boost your cover.
  • Dress candles for use in protection and invisibility to frenemies. 
  • Add to lotions, conditioners, moisturizers.

This product contains no soy or mica.


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