What’s the difference between readings?


  • Quick n Dirty: a 3 card reading that answers 3 questions; What do you need to accept, what do you need to embrace, and what do you need to let go.
  • Slow Burn: 3+ cards, reading is up to one hour long and can be one question or more than one. After one hour expires you will be charged $1 a minute for each additional minute. Slow Burn is ideal for when you really want to dig into one or a few specific topics.
  • Full Story at Midnight: Large reading that focuses on 3 areas; Love, Money, and Past Life Hangovers. Love and Money are 4 cards each (Past, Present, Future, Baggage) and the Past Life section is 4 cards for a total of 12 cards. 
  • Venus: A special 8-card detailed reading focusing on personal growth through Venus retrograde. 8 preset questions, 8 cards.
  • Unbreak My Heart: A special 9-card detailed reading focusing on relationship growth through Venus retrograde. 3 preset questions, 9 cards.


How is my reading delivered?

When you make the appointment, you are asked to specify where you would like your readings delivered (ex: email, text, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, etc). If you do not specify, your reading will be delivered via text. 

I think I’m haunted

Book a consultation with me and I’ll help you figure out what’s really going on.

Can you help me read my birth chart?

Sure can! Book a birth chart reading.

My 16 year old wants a tarot reading

I only read for people 18 years and older. 

Can you give me medical or legal advice?

I’m not a Dr or a Lawyer, all information you receive from me is “for entertainment purposes only” and I cannot diagnose or prescribe. That being said, what you choose to do with the information presented in your reading is your decision.

I think I’m cursed

Book a consultation and I’ll help you out. 

Refund Policy

 Because of the intrinsic nature of intuitive services, I don’t give refunds on tarot readings. 

A reading might not seem relevant for days, weeks, months, even years later; a client might be intentionally blocking or in denial about the messages they receive.

Not liking what you hear is not a valid reason for a refund.  

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