Norwegian Trolleite Chunks

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Ah, Trolleite. A 3 way blend of Lazulite, Scorzelite and Quartz, previously thought to be only found in Sweden. 

Lazulite and Scorzelite help you unplug from this realm and assists with astral shit. 

Quartz is nature’s battery. 

Trolleite is an ascension stone, much like Moldavite.  It puts you in alignment for your soul’s purpose here, albeit less dramatically than Moldavite does. 

It helps with manifesting in that it lays the foundation on a cellular level within us to be better able to manifest to reach our purpose. It’s a great worry stone in my opinion. 

This listing is for one chunk of Trolleite. If there is a specific one you want make a note in your order and I’ll do my best to accommodate.