Soul Contracts; Choose Your Own Adventures

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This is controversial af so be warned. Trigger Warning for potential spiritual bypassing/ableism.

Soul contracts are highly controversial in the community because on the surface it looks like using spirituality to gaslight, neg, or basically minimize the real struggles and experiences of people experiencing trauma, disease, disabilities, or just a shitty time in general. And I get it, when you do have a whole sub-community that DOES love & light everything to death and DOES use spirituality to glean right over the hard stuff.

When you have terrible terrible things happening to you it is extremely confronting to hear or read something like this that says “you wrote your whole life out, you charted every experience before you got here” because it does look exactly like the victim shaming/blaming that we get from all corners of our society. To really get past that you have to look higher. From the physical to the spiritual.

We’ve all had shit go south on us. Medically, legally, physically, psychologically. All of us. The basis of the concept of soul contracts is simply this:

Almost everything in your life is pre-planned by your soul. Your soul at its highest Self, it’s most complete, integrated ascended form. Everyone you meet even on the street in passing is another soul who consented to “work” with you as you consented to work with them. Everyone. On the Other Side there isn’t human emotion like we experience here. Everything is logical, analytical, detached from emotion. We don’t make emotional decisions because we don’t need to. The second we exit the meat suits we remember every past life, every incarnation, every piece of knowledge that exists. We remember and know it all. We understand everything objectively.

When we are here though, we don’t remember anything. If we did, it would affect the authenticity of the experience. This is why twin flames exist; they are souls we agreed to work with to learn a human concept from/with. They are people we learn lessons from in dramatic, painful ways.

We have multiple soulmates. A soulmate is simply a soul we agreed to work with directly for a period of time that we have worked with in previous incarnations, hence the “it feels like I’ve always known you” vibe we get from them. They can be friends, siblings, parents, lovers, our kids, coworkers, etc. Anyone who you’ve just felt a pull to, a sense of knowing and DejaVu, that’s a soulmate.

Now the free will part. Because how can you have free will if Higher you already planned everything?


Choose Your Own Adventure books.


The storyline is set, right? But a series of choices you are offered affects the way the set storyline progresses. Your Highest self wrote out every possibility, and you in this incarnation are free to choose what you’ll do. What happens after that is planned. But the list of possible choices is fluid. You choose your own adventure.

Sometimes these alternative storylines have exit points, the option to go home. Deaths. There’s the definite end of this physical life we designed, no option. Then there’s possible earlier exit opportunities. If we make a decision that leads to that outcome, we’re done. If we don’t, we stay out until our planned exit.

These perspectives resonate if you believe that the purpose of human life on earth and life on any planet, dimension, plane is simply to experience all possible variations of all situations. No Heaven, no Hell, just the Other Side and all physical planes.

This belief exists outside of spiritual bypassing and victim shaming because the experience is the whole point. The fact that our Highest selves consented to awful terrible physical experiences doesn’t mean  what happens to us is our own fault. It doesn’t mean we don’t deserve assistance, relief, or to NOT be in shitty circumstances. Not one bit. You can simultaneously believe that you wrote this all out in a soul contract AND be pissed as hell that you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing. That’s the difference between our Higher and lower selves. The Highest self understands all things objectively and seeks to guide us to our paths through our contracts. Our Lower self doesn’t remember jack diddly, has emotions, a physical body and all the crap that comes with it (literally) and is just trying to do the best it can on the worst planet that ever was.


So in conclusion, no you did/do NOT deserve what happened to you or is happening to you.

You do NOT deserve to suffer.

You do NOT deserve to experience hardships and trauma of any kind anytime.


No one deserves to be in pain or traumatized. This is Earth though, the absolute worst of the worst places to be in the entire span of all existences. Earth IS Hell. This is the hardest place to incarnate and only the most serious souls come here because they know how bullshit goes here. You can be all knowing, objective and still say nah I’m good though.

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