Memento Mori - “Remember that you will die”

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Why would I build a business around Death? Because I’m a spooky bitch. Next.

 Seriously though. There’s a reason. Death has become terrifying  to western society as recently as the past 100 years. Outbreaks of highly contagious fatal diseases in the United States like cholera, influenza, yellow fever, hepatitis, smallpox and tuberculosis gave people a reason to fear death and dead bodies.

 FACT: Unless the person had a highly infectious disease in life, a corpse is totally safe for the living to be around.

 Now, unfortunately, ALL deaths are scary to us. We rush to call 911 moments after a person dies and we have the body whisked away to a sterile environment where total strangers inject highly poisonous chemicals into them to preserve because we can’t stand the sight of death and the natural decomposition process. We need our dead, who we will never see again after the funeral, will look alive for decades and decades. That’s how deep our fear and dislike of death is. 

 There is a card in tarot in the Major Arcana called Death. It corresponds to Scorpio and the 8th house of western astrology, and it represents metaphorical death (sometimes literal too). Literal and metaphorical changes, transformations, rebirths, regenerations, endings and beginnings. A lot of people are afraid of this card because they immediately think they’re going to die (spoiler alert: I can guarantee that you’re gonna die someday, but it’s probably not going to be today).

 Tarot is about getting a glimpse into possible futures and outcomes. The future is always changing and evolving.  Memento Mori literally means “Remember that you will die” as well as metaphorically “Remember that you will transform”. Our motto is Dare to Begin. Do you dare to begin the messy, wonderful process of soul growth? If so, you’re in the right place.



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