Is Venus Square Pluto or Are You Just A Bitch?

Maybe it’s because there’s communists in my funhouse rn but I’m getting sick of the socially accepted default reaction to every astrological transit being dread and misery.

I get that there’s camaraderie in collective commiseration, we’re going through this together. “Mondays, huh”.

Maybe your transits wouldn’t suck for you if you started using them properly. Maybe I’m just a masochist. Maybe I’m the fun police.  Yea it’s funny sometimes. We all know about Mercury. Saturn return blows. But every single transit? That sounds like a you problem, the problem being you’re starting to realize how much shit you really do have to do.

Listen, any manifestor worth their salt will tell you that words matter. A little grumbling here and there is fine, but this knee-jerk Oh No it’s gonna be AWFUL every time is no bueno. I wanna see less of that shit immediately.  


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