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 Some people disagree with me here in that it’s not every veteran witch’s job to educate or teach. I agree. No one is obligated to pass down their knowledge. However if you do, listen up. If you are an experienced eclectic witch or magical teacher and you have a large following, you have a responsibility as a witch to make sure you over-explain things using very clear language and do not spread false information or leave any room for someone to misinterpret you. 


Eclectic magic is the process of using magical techniques, knowledge, and rituals to get results. It doesn’t follow a set path like Wicca or Hoodoo, however it does operate within the rules of the natural universe.

An example: a veteran witch tells his followers that he uses Bay leaves to release things that no longer serve him. He posts a picture of a burning leaf with a negative trait on it.

Bay leaves are historically used to as intention setting tools, not releasing tools. You write what you want to manifest on a Bay leaf and burn it on a New Moon to release that energy to the Universe.

Full moons are for releasing things that you don’t want anymore.

What he DIDN’T say in his post to thousands of people was that he was using the leaves with the INTENTION of releasing a negative thing. This is technically correct.

He knows what he’s doing so he didn’t feel the need to be explicit with details, but in failing to do so he has unintentionally set up untried witches for problems; thousands of people who look to him as their main source of magical guidance now think that if they write the bad, negative things they want to be free of on a Bay leaf and burn it, they will be free of their troubles WHEN IN FACT they just essentially said to the Universe “I want poverty, I want procrastination, I want homelessness, I want family trouble” etc. the Universe understands things on an energetic level, it brings you exactly what you ask for. This is why wording is vitally important. What you speak and write comes into existence with spell work. If you aren’t deadass specific with no room for loopholes or anything but literal, you’ll get variations on what you asked for. That’s how the Law of Attraction works. What you speak, you create.

As a veteran witch you have a duty to the next generation to teach them accurately and lead them straight. We have to do right by them if they are to succeed.


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