• Soul Contracts; Choose Your Own Adventures

    No one deserves to be in pain or traumatized. This is Earth though, the absolute worst of the worst places to be in the entire span of all existences. Earth IS Hell.”
  • Is Venus Square Pluto or Are You Just A Bitch?

    I get that there’s camaraderie in collective commiseration, we’re going through this together. “Mondays, huh”.
  • Love Spell Sick

    People who are the targets of love spells aren’t in love. They’re obeying a magical order, being forced to behave a certain way because they won’t behave that way on their own. That’s not love. That’s a form of slavery and domination.”
  • The Family Curse

    Curses are very real things, but not everyone who thinks they are cursed has actually had any hexes or roots done against them.”
  • Do What I Mean, Not What I Say

    If you aren’t deadass specific with no room for loopholes or anything but literal, you’ll get variations on what you asked for. That’s how the Law of Attraction works.”

  • Suffering is Not the Benchmark for Love

    You don’t need to make yourself literally sick with stress and anxiety over what other people do that you can’t control. And that’s where the core issues lives…”
  • Memento Mori - “Remember that you will die”

    There is a card in tarot in the Major Arcana called Death. It corresponds to Scorpio and the 8th house of western astrology, and it represents metaphorical death (sometimes literal too). Literal and metaphorical changes, transformations, rebirths, regenerations, endings and beginnings.”