How Fear Creates Curses and Hauntings.

There is a phenomenon in the world of the paranormal where urban legends become reality through the power of collective thoughts and energy. Old wives tales where no one can say for sure exactly where the started or who they happened to (my uncle’s best friend from college knew the guy it happened to) become real through the collected retelling and revisiting of a place and scaring themselves silly. Fear is a powerful energy, and generations of people telling the same stories in the same locations with the same emotions creates a psychokinetic, or PK, manifestation. Thoughts and emotions can create hauntings and monsters. 

 Curses are very real things, but not everyone who thinks they are cursed has actually had any hexes or roots done against them. 90% of the time, through constantly thinking about being cursed and feeding into that fear, they curse themselves. They create their own bad luck. If you really are cursed, you won’t have to wonder about it. You will know 100%. 

 Before you run to a practitioner for curse breaking in a panic, try changing the way you perceive the situation. Are you worrying so much about being cursed and obsessing over things that could go wrong that you are manifesting those exact things? Are you accidentally creating a self-fulfilling curse through the Law of Attraction? Change the way you react to things that happen around you and focus on the positive for a few weeks; if nothing improves then find you a curse breaker. But try to change your own reality first. 

The Witch

I’ve been psychic all of my life (spoiler alert: we all are) and I learned to read Tarot at my former mother-in-law’s knee in 2009 after years of begging her to teach me. I haven’t looked back since. 

I read intuitively and craft each reading to help my clients grow; no one walks away from my readings without knowing what they should do next for their highest good. I cut through the bull. You won’t hear what you want from your reading, you’ll hear exactly what you need to know most right this very second.




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