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Make sure you book an appointment for Tarot Readings!

One Card Draws are the exception. If you purchase a One Card Draw please include your preferred method of contact to receive the reading. 

The “I’m available on or after” refers to you and the days you would like to see times for. When you click it to pick your day the calendar with times drops down. The next page will show you the calendar of the whole month and times. I’m not sure why it doesn’t just take you there, don’t @ me. Indicate in the Notes your preferred method of delivery, and be sure to pay before the appointment!


Tarot Readings

They don’t stutter! These cards will read you for filth but they’ll always tell you the truth…

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Birth Charts

Find out where your planets are in your own personal birth chart! There’s so much more to astrology than just your Sun sign; the whole chart makes you who you are. Fill out the Birth Chart form and your chart will be emailed to you within 48 hours.


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Digital Downloads

The line of digital downloads is expanding! 

Right now I carry the Abundance guide and refills of abundance checks. Keep checking back for more digital products!

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Magic Potions


 My collection of home-brewed magic potions. 4 intention sprays are the foundation for Memento Mori Tarot physical products and are crafted with great care and maximum intention. I include chipstones, essential oils, and herbs in the creation of all the mists. 

 Available for Pre-Order now!

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Coffee Time

Just looking for someone to talk to about witchy shit? Want some magic advice or to compare notes? Join me for coffee and we’ll vibe together. 








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